Thousands of TikTok users are suddenly changing their profile picture to an image of Lana Del Rey. What’s it all about? Welcome to the ‘Lana Cult’!

Back in 2020, @chunkysdead’s ‘Step Chickens Cult‘ took over TikTok and loads of users suddenly started turning their profile picture to a random blue girl. It had no real purpose, and it eventually fizzled out.

But now, there’s a new TikTok ‘cult’ that’s taking over the social media app. This one’s called the ‘Lana Cult’, and it’s dedicated to singer Lana Del Rey.

Here’s everything you need to know about the ‘Lana Cult’…

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What is the ‘Lana Cult’ on TikTok?

As you’ve been on TikTok over the last few days, you’ve probably noticed that an abnormal number of people all have the same profile picture. It’s a photo of Lana Del Rey’s face in front of a big car explosion, and it’s suddenly appearing everywhere on the social media app.

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If you’re a little confused about what’s going on, it’s called the ‘Lana Cult’. Technically, it’s not actually a ‘cult’. Well, not the religious kind anyway. It’s simply a group of people who love Lana Del Rey and want to take over TikTok.

A ‘cult’ is actually defined as a “group or share a common interest”, and that’s exactly what the ‘Lana Cult’ is all about – supporting Lana Del Rey!

It’s all about supporting Lana Del Rey

The cult is dedicated to singer Lana Del Rey, an American singer-songwriter popular for her cinematic music that explores big themes such tragic romance and sadness.

Some of her popular songs include Summertime Sadness, Video Games and Young and Beautiful.

Unknowingly, Lana is the face of the ‘Lana Cult’, and videos related to the group are now flooding TikTok as people urge other social media users to join it.

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How to join the ‘Lana Cult’

Joining the ‘Lana Cult’ is really simple. All you have to do is change your TikTok profile picture to the photo of Lana Del Rey with the explosion behind her. Then, make sure that you follow other accounts with the same profile picture. Now you’re in the ‘cult’!

But what do you do once you’re in the cult? Well, nothing really. It’s a pretty pointless trend. It’s just supposed to be a bit of fun and a way for TikTok users to show their support of Lana Del Rey.

The hashtag #LanaCult has already had 40.5 million views on TikTok in just a few days, and the trend has quickly gone viral.

It’s not just on TikTok where the ‘Lana Cult’ is making a big impact either. If you head to Twitter, everyone’s talking about it there too. The ‘Lana Cult’ is taking over social media!

False rumours say Lana burned a bible

The ‘Lana Cult’ was initially intended to be just a bit of fun, but it quickly took a dark turn.

Rumours began spreading on TikTok that Lana had ‘disrespected religion’ and ‘mocked God’ by burning a bible. Then, people began ‘cancelling’ her on social media.

It’s unclear where the rumours began, but they are entirely false. Lana Del Rey does not burn bibles, and it’s just a social media hoax that arose as part of TikTok’s ‘Lana Cult’ trend.

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