Fans are very confused after a drill track by boyband JLS was uploaded to Apple Music and Spotify today. Is it actually real?

2020 was one hell of a year, and so far, 2021 has been just as chaotic. As well as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve had riots at the Capitol Building, everyone singing Sea Shanties and Texas being hit by an abnormal amount of now.

And just when you thought 2021 couldn’t get any stranger, boyband JLS just dropped a new drill track. Yes, you heard that right, that British group from the X-Factor seem to have had a genre-change, and fans are really confused.

The bizarre song just appeared on Apple Music and Spotify under their name, and Twitter is rife with confusion. But, it turns out the song isn’t actually by them at all.

Here’s the JLS drill track debunked…

Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Did JLS just release a drill track?

News is flooding social media today (February 19th) that boyband JLS have had a change from their usual pop-songs and decided to release a drill track.

The song, which is called Time, suddenly appeared alongside JLS’s music on a number of music streaming services including Apple Music and Spotify and has even been uploaded onto YouTube.

Now, fans are really confused, and people are taking to Twitter to try and get some answers.

Fans react to the JLS drill track on Twitter

After hearing the news, fans have been taking to Twitter to react, and it’s safe to say everyone’s pretty shocked by JLS’s sudden genre change.

One person wrote: “We’ve had Covid but nothing is more unexpected in 2021 than a Drill track appearing on JLS Spotify account. What is going on? Surely it’s not them.”

“Why I have woke up to JLS dropping a drill track. Im going back to bed I’ve seen enough,” said another.

Another person wrote: “JLS releasing a drill track after all these years is really the curveball we needed for 2021.”

Others are certain that the song isn’t actually by JLS. It can’t be. Surely not?

“Nope I refuse to believe JLS dropped a drill track,” another fan tweeted.

Another person wrote: “Pls this has to be a different JLS no way did they make a drill track.”

The JLS drill track debunked

As fans continue to debate whether JLS actually just released a drill track, we’ve done a little digging and found out the real answer. No, they didn’t. It’s all fake!

If you Shazam the song, it will tell you that Time by JLS is actually a song called Look by Switch ft. J9. The song has been uploaded to Apple Music and Spotify under a new name and artist, but why?

Well, that part we don’t know. It could have been done on purpose to try and trick everyone. Or, perhaps it was just an accident. Either way, the song definitely isn’t by JLS, and the band aren’t reinventing themselves as a drill group. Case closed!

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