Fri 19 February 2021 17:33, UK

Dan Schneider foot fetish rumours explored: Why do fans of the show seem to think – jokingly or not – that the original iCarly producer might have a foot fetish? And has Schneider addressed the rumour?

With the official announcement that the beloved Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly is getting a reboot, fans are indulging in rumours that the show may have exposed producer Dan Schneider’s foot fetish.

Who is Dan Schneider?

Schneider is an award winning writer and producer best known for his work on iCarly, Zoey 101 and Victorious.

Born on 14 January 1996 in Memphis, Tennessee, Schneider is also the owner of production company Schneider’s Bakery.

Schneider was spotted one day in Memphis by a movie producer and after being asked to audition, Schneider moved to Los Angeles, delivering pizzas to make ends meet while auditioning for parts.

After a stint in 1986’s Head Of The Class, Schneider made his way into the world of writing and producing for TV.

Where did the rumours about Dan Schneider’s foot fetish originate?

The rumours about the Dan Schneider’s alleged foot fetish seemed to stem from the fact that many of the shows he was involved in somehow incorporated feet into their plots.

Some people claim that episodes where characters touch each other’s feet, draw on their feet and pour ketchup on feet all point to Schneider’s alleged foot fetish.

Referencing Schneider’s alleged penchant for feet, one Twitter user wrote: “The episode of Victorious centered (sic) around everyone using toxic fish to make their feet smooth makes a LOT more sense.”

On a podcast in 2018, Noah Monk, who played Gibby on iCarly seemed to address the rumours by saying: “I never really noticed that when I was 15 on the show but of course looking in retrospect, it’s like ok, ok.”

Many of the rumours also pointed to this tweet from Sam and Cat, a show that Schneider created, that asked fans to “write on the bottom of ur foot” and “take a pic”.

Dan Schneider is yet to publicly respond to the rumours and at the moment his alleged foot fetish remains in the realm of speculation.

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