Mars Memes are flooding Twitter after NASA’s Perseverance Rover landed on the red planet.

On Thursday (February 18th), history was made as NASA’s Rover touched down on Mars.

It’s the largest, most-advanced rover that has ever been sent to another planet, and it took 203 days for it to make the 293 million-mile journey.

After landing on the planet, the robot sent back its first image of Mars, a black and white photo displaying its dusty and barren surface.

Whilst it is a triumphant achievement for NASA, the image was pretty unexciting. So, internet users have turned it into a meme.

Here are some of the best first image on Mars memes…

Photo by Bill Ingalls/NASA via Getty Images

The ‘Bernie on Mars’ meme takes over Twitter

As the rover landed on Mars, social media users knew exactly what they needed to do. Put Bernie on Mars!

Back in January, a photo of Bernie Sanders sitting at Joe Biden’s Inauguration went viral on Twitter. In the image, he sat on a chair on his own, wearing a huge pair of mittens, and internet users thought it was totally hilarious.

People then cropped the image and turned it into a meme by placing Bernie in a number of different locations. The trend completely took over social media, and just as everyone thought the Bernie Sanders meme was well and truly over, it’s back.

Bernie has now been placed on Mars, and he’s going viral again.

More first photo on Mars Memes

Bernie Sanders isn’t the only Mars Meme that’s going viral on Twitter. In fact, people are using the first Mars image to make all sorts of different memes.

Forget Cancun, Ted Cruz is on Mars now.

NASA’s first image from Mars shows Ryan Pace looking for a quarterback.

The first image from Mars is pretty freaky.

Oh look, K-Pop’s HWAA are on Mars.

First look at an astronaut landing on Mars.

Wow, there really are aliens on the red planet!

NASA’s rover found Captain Pike.

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