Ariana Grande finally released the deluxe version of positions, with five new songs, including Test Drive with some surprising lyrics.

The Deluxe album released today, February 19th, and added Test Drive, Worst Behaviour, Main Thing, someone like u and the 34+35 remix to the track list. The original version of the album released in October.

Having teased the upcoming songs and their respective lyrics for days leading up to the big drop, fans were eagerly waiting. In fact, fans have been guessing the lyrics to the new song, speculating about what they sound like.

Now its released, fans are impressed with the music, but there’s one song which had been predicted oh-so-wrong by Arianators.

Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Fans were expecting Test Drive to be risqué

Since the snippet of Test Drive was released by Ariana Grande on February 17th, fans on Twitter had been rushing to transcribe the lyrics. Ultimately, many had predicted 34+35 style lyrics filled with innuendos.

“Test drive gonna be freaky, I can feel it,” tweeted one user.

Fans were somewhat write, but only a few lyrics alluded to any intimate moments:

“Might just recline the seat when I want it,”


“I drop the top on that body,

That’s candy paint on my body,

I’m thinkin’ ‘bout the way I feel on you,”

Instead, the song had a more romantic feel to it, which is undoubtedly an ode to her fiancé Dalton Gomez.

Ariana Grande’s romantic lyrics

The rest of the lyrics to Test Drive however are from ‘freaky’. The song instead is more of a love song, which some fans are even comparing to her older Honeymoon Avenue.

Lyrics include:

“I will never leave from by your side,

Don’t you know you got a ride or die,”

It might not be what they expected, but fans on Twitter are seemingly still pleased with test drive.

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