A leaked Zoom call is going viral on Twitter, and now everyone is reacting with hilarious Shweta Memes.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many events are now being held virtually as the world continues to work from home and avoid social interaction. Whilst this is convenient, it also makes for some very embarassing blunders.

First, there was Elizabeth’s Zoom call, then there was the lawyer and the cat filter, and now, Shweta is taking over Twitter.

A leaked Zoom call shows a girl called Shweta in a virtual class with 111 other people. However, she obviously didn’t realise that her microphone wasn’t on mute.

At the same time, she’s on the phone to her friend Radhika who is discussing some of her biggest secrets. Radhika gossips to Shweta about her sex-addicted ex-boyfriend to which she responds by promising she won’t tell anyone.

Little did she know, the whole of her Zoom call was listening to her gossip and continuously shouting: “You’re not on mute!”.

Now, Shweta memes are going viral on Twitter as people react to the hilarious Zoom call. Here are 15 of the best…

NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images

15 hilarious Shweta Memes

Shweta’s best friend when she finds out the story is worldwide.

All of Shweta’s friends will be scared to share their gossip now.

The other 111 students whilst Shweta was telling her story…

Shweta’s friends were certainly enjoying the gossip.

Me thinking about what happened to Shweta.

Shweta spilling tea in the online class like…

The girl who told his secret to Shweta right now.

Live footage of Shweta revealing the secret to 111 people.

She’ll definitely make sure she’s on mute next time.

Everyone’s scared of Shweta now.

Shweta on the Zoom call explained.

Shweta be like…

Radhika when she next meets Shweta.

Shweta realising what she has done.

This Zoom call will never be forgotten.

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