B. Simone is getting cancelled by the internet once again. This time, it is for her comment on relationships. She has been receiving a lot of heat on social media. Here’s what the drama is all about.

Twitter burst into mixed opinions after a video of B. Simone surfaced online. Just like everyone, B. Simone shared her thoughts on what she looks for in a relationship. However, her definition of relationship happened to be criticized by many. Now, she is getting cancelled for the same.

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Why is B. Simone cancelled?

B. Simone opened about her thoughts on relationships in a video that she shared on Valentine’s Day. She also shared some tips on how one can get the man of their dreams. One segment that seemed to offend was B. Simone stating that some girls have high standards.

 “We got all these things we want in a man, a list of things, he gotta be tall, he gotta be dark, he gotta be handsome, he gotta have pretty feet, he gotta be a family man, he gotta be financially stable […] all these things, and we don’t even have the things on that list,” she said.

Several people slammed her for making these comments. This also led to her getting cancelled on social media. Even though she has not responded to this, some people had come to her defense on social media.

Twitter reacts to B. Simone video

Social media was filled with mixed reactions for B. Simone’s video. Some people tried to cancel her on Twitter as they did not agree with what she said. On the other hand, some came to her defense.

“lmao I was wondering why I been seein so much B Simone slander, now that I see the video it’s bc she been tellin the truth LMAO,” read one comment. Another added, “B Simone is a case of right message wrong sender.”

“B Simone was not wrong with her statements either. I expect QUALITY. I’ve worked HARD & now I’ve reached a point where I’m comfortable dating. Your 20s should be about finding yourself & learning so that you can attract the right person for you. BE what you’re asking for, first.” read another comment.

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