In her first YouTube video in three weeks, Olivia Neill addressed recent rumours and issued an apology for breaking social distancing rules.

19 year-old Olivia came under fire online after fans noticed that she had met up with people outside of her “bubble” and accused her of not following Covid-19 guidelines.

Following the backlash, Olivia took a break from social media, but fans on Twitter are now celebrating her return.

Olivia Neill apologises in new YouTube video

In a new YouTube video, Olivia Neill addressed the recent backlash she has faced over breaking social distancing guidelines and issued an apology to her fans. She said:

“You may have noticed I haven’t really been posting or been on social media. I kind of just wanted to come on here and address why. A while ago there was an incident in which I made a really stupid and selfish decision and saw a household which wasn’t in my bubble.”

Olivia continued:

“This was a huge mistake on my behalf I have no excuse for it, I just want to take full accountability and really really apologise to anyone I’ve let now.”

“Not following Covid-19 guidelines is never something I would want to promote to my audience, it was really really irresponsible.”

Why was Olivia Neill not on social media?

Fans on Twitter were excited to see that the YouTuber had returned to social media, as this is the first video posted by Olivia in three weeks. She informed fans that her reasons for taking a break were due to “false rumours” circulating. Olivia said:

“After that incident there were a lot of false rumours and people talking about me a lot on social media, which could have been avoided if I hadn’t made that mistake in the first place.”

“I just needed to take some time off social media as it did quite affect me, but I wanted to take time to reflect on what I had done and get to a better place so that I could come back, apologise and take full responsibility for my actions.”

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