Is Nova from Queen Sugar pregnant in real life? Fans of the show have noticed changes in the character, but what about the actress?

Season five of Queen Sugar finally aired last night, February 16th, and fans rushed to social media to live-tweet the episode. This season is set to explore various topics, including the Black Lives Matter movement, COVID and police brutality.

Reportedly, scripts were rewritten following on from COVID and George Floyd’s death. However, fans are convinced that more than that has been changed. Many believe that protagonist Nova from Queen Sugar is pregnant.

Is the character pregnant?

It hasn’t been confirmed whether or not Nova will be pregnant in this season, though of course storyline details tend not to be revealed beforehand. Fans have been convinced by the apparent loose clothing Nova wore in the episode, along with Nova saying that she feels sick.

“Am I tripping, or is Nova pregnant?” asked one viewer on Twitter.

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Is Nova from Queen Sugar pregnant in real life?

Fans of the show have turned theories to the actress behind Nova too, speculating that she could be pregnant in real life instead of the character.

However, Nova actress Rutina Wesley does not appear to be pregnant. The actress has posted nothing related to expecting on social media, or released any statements on the theory.

Rutina was once engaged to a New Orleans chef called Chef Shonda. The pair announced the engagement in 2017, but the Instagram post has since deleted and there has been no images or posts of the pair together in recent years.