K-drama, ‘Hello, Me!’ is set to release this week on Netflix. Fans are aching to find out who will be featuring on the cast list for this highly anticipated fantasy, comedy series!

Hello, Me! is a K-drama set to hit Netflix this week on Wednesday, 17th February 2021. The literal translation from a revised romanisation of the Korean title “Annyeong? Naya!” is “Hello? It’s Me!). However, the series is better known as ‘Hello, Me!’, so as to avoid any confusion with the 2015 Canadian series, with the same name.

The comedy series is based on a novel written by Kim Hye-Jung titled ‘Fantastic Girl’, Which was released in 2011. The series follows a woman in her late 30’s, going through a mid-life crisis when a younger and lively version of herself appears in front of her.

Hello, Me! is highly anticipated by many, fans are wondering who will feature in the cast list?

Hello, Me!: Cast

  • Choi Kang-Hee as Ban Ha Ni
  • Kim Young-Kwang as Han Yoo Hyun
  • Re Lee as Ban Ha Ni (Young)
  • Eum Moon-Suk as Ahn So Nee
  • Choi Dae-Chul as Park Jung Man
  • Choi Tae-Hwan as Cha Seung Seok
  • Yoon Bok-In as Han Ni’s mother
  • Kim Yu-Mi as Oh Ji Eun
  • Kim Ki-Ri as Kim Yong Hwa
  • Jung Yi-Rang as Ban Ha Young
  • Ji Seung-Hyeon as Yang Do Yoon

More of the cast can be seen on IMDB. However, some of their roles within the series, have not yet been listed at the time of writing this.

Cast members can be seen in the promotional poster below!

Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary | Official Trailer | IMDb TV

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Choi Kang-Hee as Ban Ha Ni

Choi Kang-Hee is a South Korean Radio DJ and actress. She was born on 5th May 1977 and is currently managed by the agency, Management Gil. She holds the title of being first recorded case of a South Korean celebrity to donate bone marrow and is known to frequently give blood.

She is known for her roles in ‘Pretty Romance’ (2010) and ‘My Scary Girl’ (2006). She has no upcoming roles other than Hello, Me! however, only last year she featured in TV series, ‘Good Casting’.

An Instagram account has been made in her name which is followed by and commented on by many, including KBSdrama’s official Instagram. However, we are not able to confirm at the time of writing this whether or not this account is official as it does not show the verified blue tick.

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Kim Young-Kwang as Han Yoo Hyun

Kim Young-Kwang is a South Korean actor, he was born on 11th January 1987 in Incheon. He is well known as both an actor and model, In 2008 he appeared in his first major role in ‘Worlds Within’.

Kim is known for his roles in ‘Hot Young Bloods’ (2014), ‘Pinocchio’ (2014) and ‘On Your Wedding Day’ (2018). He has no upcoming roles at the time of writing this, his last role showed him in ‘The Secret Life of My Secretary’ series in 2019.

You can follow him on his official Instagram page here.

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Lee Re as (17-year-old) Ban Ha-Ni

Lee Re is a South Korean actress, she was born on 12th March 2006 in Gwanju.

The earliest record of her acting dates back to 2013, where she appeared in a film titled ‘Hope’, a role she is well known for. She has also made notable appearances in popular K-dramas such as, ‘Memories of the Alhambra’ (2018) and ‘Start-up’ (2020). She is set to appear in K-drama ‘Hellbound’ which will be released on Netflix, it will debut in 2021.

You can follow her official Instagram account below.

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Eum Moon-Suk as Ahn So Nee

Eum Moon-Suk is a well known South Korean actor and singer. He was born on 7th December 1982. Eum’s stage name is SIC. His acting career dates back to 2013 as far as we know, when he appeared in season 1 of ‘Dancing 9’.

Since then he has appeared in ‘My Little Old Boy’ (2016) and ‘Problem Child in House’ (2018). He is set to appear in a Korean movie titled ‘Pipeline’ as a leading character. The release date is not available at the time of writing.

You can follow him on Instagram below!

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Hello, Me! will be available to watch on Netflix on Wednesday, 17th February 2021. For some, this may be Thursday, 18th February 2021, depending on your time zone.

By Iram Shariah Khan – [email protected]

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