YouTuber MrBeast is getting cancelled on Twitter as people are calling him out for his behavior. Several people took to Twitter after a video of him surfaced online. Here’s a look at the drama.

Several celebrities have been cancelled on Twitter, and this time, MrBeast, whose real name is  Jimmy Donaldson, fell on its radar. However, there were a few who came to his defense. Twitter was filled with mixed reactions as some defended the YouTuber’s while the others questioned it. As of now, MrBreast has not broken his silence.

Why is MrBeast cancelled on Twitter?

The drama unfolded on Clubhouse, a social networking site where many people can join a conversation. This site has allowed several celebrities to interact with their fans on daily basis.

Among them, MrBeast decided to use the platform to talk to his fans. His fans were excited to join the conversation as they hoped something interesting would happen. However, one of them alleged that he was thrown out of the clubhouse.

The user named Farokh Sarmad claimed that MrBeast threw him out of the clubhouse because he couldn’t spell his name. In a video that was subsequently shared on Twitter, MrBeast can be heard saying, “Sorry, I am really bad with names. I am going to yote you as well.”

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Following this, Farokh took to Twitter to call out MrBeast for his behavior. “Mr. Beast just threw me out of his stage on Clubhouse after bringing me up saying: “I can’t spell your name so let me yote you out.” He called the act a “blatant racism.”

Fans defend MrBeast amid cancellation

Following Farokh’s claims, several people who were part of the conversation came to MrBeast’s defense and stated their side of the story. One of the users who was also a part of the conversation said, “This is completely false. Jimmy made it clear to everyone on the panel that he wanted a smaller room and that he was going to remove people. I was one of the 4-6 people that got removed. This is complete slander and the inevitable reupload will be clear evidence!”

Meanwhile, content creator Rene Ritchie also came forward and said, “Hey, fellow Montrealer. That’s not what happened. We wanted to add more women to the stage to be more inclusive, so moved a bunch of people off to make room — including Hank Green. @MrBeastYT was saying he’s bad at names — he got my name wrong multiple times. Modding is chaos.”

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