The Crew arrived on Netflix on February 15th and fans have already begun asking if the NASCAR-themed series will return for season 2.

Netflix’s newest addition is the NASCAR-themed sitcom, The Crew.

Starring Kevin James, the series tells the story of a fictional NASCAR team whose owner passes the team onto their daughter, ruffling plenty of feathers in the process.

The easy-to-watch series has proven to be a pleasant binge but fans who have already made it through all 10 episodes have begun asking if The Crew will return for season 2 and if so, what plot points could be explored in future episodes.

The Crew | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Crew | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Crew on Netflix

The Crew arrived on Netflix on February 15th, the day after the 2021 Daytona 500.

The 10-episode sitcom stars Kevin James as Kevin Gibson, the crew chief for the fictional Bobby Spencer NASCAR racing team.

It’s not plain sailing for Kevin and the team, however, as the owner, Bobby Spencer, decides to step down, handing control to his daughter who has plans to modernise the team much to the annoyance of Kevin and his crew.


Will The Crew return Season 2?

  • The Crew has not been renewed for season 2 at the time of writing.

This is hardly surprising, however, as the series has only just arrived on Netflix.

It often takes a few weeks, if not months, for Netflix to announce a second season of a show as it analyses viewing figures very thoroughly before renewing.

As The Crew has not been renewed for season 2 yet, there is no release date information to speak of. Saying that, you would usually expect a second instalment to release in around a year’s time.


Potential plot of season 2

One positive that fans can take away about the ending of The Crew season 1 is that it leaves a number of plot points open that can be explored in a second season.

Chief among these plot points being Kevin’s feelings for Beth who announced that she had gotten engaged and would be moving away in episode 10.

On top of that, Catherine’s management of the racing team is still making waves, not leave with driver Jake who maintains a frosty relationship with the new boss.

Both of these areas look like prime avenues to explore in future episodes.

The Crew is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on February 15th, 2021.

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