Sienna Mae Gomez has come out and apologized for her new clothing that many branded “offensive.” Here are the details of the merch drama that unfolded on social media.

Internet personality Sienna decided to bring out her new merch. She thought it would be sending a positive message. However, her idea seemed to have backfired as several people called her out for the merch. At first, Sienna defended her idea. However, she is now apologizing to all her followers for offending them.

Sienna Gomez merch drama explained

The TikTok star brought out a merch that read, “did you eat today?” Sienna explained that the merch hoped to have a positive impact on people. The idea behind it was to ensure that you are checking on your loved ones. However, some thought that the question was glorifying eating disorders.

Following the backlash, Sienna defended her merch on Instagram. In a now-deleted post she had written, ” The ‘did you eat today question’ is not meant to make fun of/ glorify EDS/ be harmful or ironic in any way. The question is hoping to encourage/ check-in with people if they actually ate.”

The post continued, “This question is about expressing compassion and care for those who are seriously struggling. Not liking this design (which is okay) is different than misinterpreting the meaning behind it- which we are hoping to clarify now. We created this design with love and positivity in hopes of uplifting others and asking hard questions. We stand behind the true intentions of this 100%.”

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Despite this, several followers were not happy and wanted the content creator to remove the merch. Sienna finally apologized and posted it on her TikTok.

Sienna Gomez apologizes to her fans

Following several messages of backlash, Sienna decided to break her silence once again. She took to TikTok to apologize to her followers as she said, “Hey guys, I have heard the messages from many of you and I’m deeply sorry for any offense caused. I am young and I am still navigating the world. and this industry and obviously, I will not get it right the first time.”

She continued, “I care deeply about inclusivity and I strive to lead by example. that means listening. With that said, I have heard you and I have removed the merch. I will still be donating all the proceeds of this line to Teen line, which is a place that many teens can reach out for help.”

She concluded the video by saying, “I care about you and thank you for speaking up. Be nice to someone today. We are all struggling with something.”

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