Fans of Lacey Evans are looking for more information on her husband following her shock pregnancy reveal.

The wrestler announced she was expecting during yesterday’s WWE Raw. Viewers were initially confused, believing it was simply a storyline. Lacey Evans dropped the news with a simple “I’m pregnant” in order to not join the ring.

The storyline insinuated that 71-year-old Ric Flair is the dad, and it’s set to stay that way for future storylines. However, Ric Flair is not the real-life father of the baby, even though Lacey Evans reportedly really is pregnant.

Lacey however is pregnant with the child of her husband.

Who is Lacey Evans’ husband?

Lacey is married to Alfonso Estrella, a 33-year-old general contractor who works for a construction company.

On Instagram he has almost 11,000 followers under the handle @theladsmaestro where he regularly shares snaps with Lacey and their family.

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Alfonso Estrella recently posted a heartfelt image and caption to his wife: “Just want to say when we met 16 years ago i knew i wanted you for the rest of my life. God knew i needed you as you needed me. Then you took my last name, gave birth to my child and have stayed committed and dedicated to our marriage as well as our family life. You are my soul mate and today on my birthday yet again after all you do you still showed me how much you love me. I am forever grateful an thankful for you.”

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Her marriage to Alfonso Estrella

30-year-old Lacey Evans married husband Alfonso at the tender age of 19, and had their daughter Summer aged 22. Summer is eight years old and has regularly appeared with her mum on WWE television.

The pair also appeared together in a 2020 Foster Farms corndog commercial, which saw Summer play a ‘hangry kid’ that becomes a ‘hangry monster’.

Now, Lacey and her husband live in South Carolina together. In a 2017 WWE interview, she said of the marriage: “”For 13 years, he has always understood my need for challenging myself in life and does nothing but motivate me to do so. We’ve flown to Paris, all over Europe, from California back to South Carolina and everywhere in between, and they’ve been with me all the way.”

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