A new gender-based trend recently emerged on TikTok, and it’s keeping couples around the world entertained. What is the Center of Gravity Challenge?

TikTok’s latest challenge is a battle of the sexes, seeing women revelling in success as they prove once and for all that they are the better of the two genders. Well, they are when it comes to balance at least.

It’s called the Center of Gravity Challenge, and it aims to prove that men have a different center of gravity to women which inhibits their balance.

Here’s everything you need to know about TikTok’s latest viral trend…

TikTok Center of Gravity Challenge

What is TikTok’s Center of Gravity Challenge?

Over the past week, an old trend has re-emerged on TikTok called the Center of Gravity Challenge, and it’s been keeping TikTok users across the world entertained.

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The physical challenge sees a man and a woman get onto all fours with their elbows resting on the floor and face in their hands. Then, the idea is to quickly move your hands behind your back and try and remain balanced.

It’s taking TikTok by storm, and the hashtag #centreofgravity has already had over 26 million views. But why is it so popular? Well, the challenge is actually a battle of the sexes…


Apparently boys have a different center of gravity then girls??

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It’s a battle of the sexes

If you watch loads of Centre of Gravity Challenge videos, you’ll notice that one thing is consistent throughout all of them.

After putting their hands behind their back, the woman usually remains balanced, whilst the man instantly loses his balance and falls straight to the floor.

The trend aims to prove that men have a different centre of gravity, hence the challenge name, which means that they lose their balance more easily.

So is that actually true?

Men have a different centre of gravity

A study by the Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling confirmed that the findings of the TikTok challenge are true. Men really do have a different center of gravity to women.

“It is well known that on average, women commonly have an 8 – 15% lower longitudinal center of gravity than men,” the study found before revealing that this evolutionarily occurs to provide females with more stability during pregnancy.

In 2019, a similar challenge went viral on TikTok that saw people putting a chair next to a wall before bending over it and placing their head on the wall. Then, they had to try and stand upright whilst holding the chair.

US scientist Jeremy Johnson told The Sun that women can complete the challenge but men cannot because: “The centre of mass for most girls is lower to the hips, while the center of mass in boys is much higher.”

Twitter users react to the Center of Gravity Challenge

As the Center of Gravity Challenge continues to go viral on social media, people have been taking to Twitter to react to it, and it seems like a lot of people are falling on their face.

One person wrote: “Not me trying that center of gravity TikTok thing and falling flat on my face.”

“My brother and his girlfriend tried that center of gravity thing from TikTok and I am CREASING I really thought people were putting it on but she was fine and he fully face-planted the floor,” said another.

A third person tweeted: “Obsessed with that ‘centre of gravity’ trend on TikTok because I love seeing men fall flat on their faces.”

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