Clix revealed that he has been banned from Twitch permanently and fans are not happy about it. People were quick to make ‘Free Clix’ trend on Twitter. Here’s why he was banned from the site.

Several people have taken to Twitter to undo the permanent ban of the gamer. Clix revealed the news of his ban on his social media. “Perm ban… on everything I love,” he wrote. This news comes after Clix had revealed that he was banned on Twitch.

Why did Clix get banned?

Clix shared the message he received about his permanent ban. It read, “Suspension length: Indefinite. Your suspension will not be automatically lifted. Access to our services will only be restored upon successful appeal.”

The ban comes after Clix accidently opened a folder in which a revealing picture was displayed on the screen. It is possible that Twitch saw the picture breaking the community code. Their guidelines clearly state that any form of nudity is completely unacceptable.

“Sexually suggestive content or activities are also prohibited, although they may be allowed in educational contexts or for pre-approved licensed content, in each case subject to additional restrictions,” reads the guideline.

Twitter makes Free Clix trend

After hearing this news, people were quick to make ‘Free Clix’ trend on Twitter. “#freeclix I’m not going to sleep until he is unbanned,” read one comment. “I’ve known Clix a really long time, he has always had an insane work ethic. He didn’t get where he is today by luck. He doesn’t deserve the ban. #freeclix” wrote another user.

“Clix is arguably the biggest streamer on your platform… #FreeClix until it’s backward,” read another comment. It is unclear if Clix’s ban will be lifted any time soon. However, there is a possibility for it to happen as the message he received states that “services will only be restored upon successful appeal.”

If he manages to convince the platform that it was an accident, it is possible Clix will be back on the platform.

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