Who is ‘NASCAR driver’ Bobby Spencer? Busch Beer confuses fans with The Crew video!

Who is Bobby Spencer? This ‘NASCAR legend’ has an interesting backstory, but it’s not all it seems.

The Crew is the newest sitcom added to Netflix. Releasing today, February 15th, the show follows the work-place of a NASCAR racing team.

To celebrate the release, Busch Beer published ‘Wheelin’ & Dealin’ – The Bobby Spencer Story’ on YouTube, writing: “Y’all ever heard of Bobby Spencer? We’re guessing not. He’s the most famous NASCAR driver you’ve never heard of. We partnered with Netflix to tell his story in celebration of their new series called The Crew. Buckle up.”

Who is Bobby Spencer?

According to Busch Beer, Bobby Spencer is a legendary NASCAR driver, and seemingly an inventor too. The video tells his story through interviews about his climb to the top. It’s an unconventional one to say the least.

Bobby ‘finish first’ Spencer, as he claims people call him, started his driving career after climbing in the back of a Busch Beer lorry at a gas station. Incidentally, he invented cryotherapy in doing so.

He ended up taking over the wheel, cutting his hair off at the front so he could see better. Hey presto, he invented the mullet. When they stopped off at a gas station, he taped his beers together for ease, inventing the six-pack of beer.

Somehow, the lorry ended up on a race track, and he ended up qualifying for Daytona, which he then went on to win. After covering his own race car in bumper stickers, he invented the logo car.

Bobby Spencer: The man, the myth, the legend….or complete myth in this case. If you couldn’t tell from the insane stories, or from the heavily edited images….Bobby Spencer is not real.


He’s a character in The Crew

Bobby Spencer is the owner of the NASCAR team in The Crew. After stepping down from his role, he hands the reigns over to his daughter Catherine. The show follows her attempts to modernize the team for success, much to the disapproval of Kevin.

The owner is played by Bruce McGill, who viewers may recognise from The Insider, or his voice work on The Cleveland Show.

The Crew is on Netflix to watch now.

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