Actress Camille Winbush recently announced the creation of her OnlyFans account, but suprisingly, haters criticised her for it and even made memes about it with images of the late Bernie Mac. However, most of Twitter replied back with full support of the actress’ endevour.

OnlyFans has become very popular because of the loss of jobs for sex workers and many celebrities have hopped on the trend too. Big celebrity creators include Bella Thorne, who famously made $1 million on her first day, and Cardi B.

As more public figures have joined the platform, OnlyFans has branched off from just explicit content and into connecting deeper with fans. These exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and livestreams.

In Camille Winbush’s context, she is dropping Q&A and lifestyle videos, so nothing explicit, yet she is receiving backlash from the internet. Why?

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Haters respond to Camille Winbush’s OnlyFans

On February 1st 2021, the actress announced “her way” of OnlyFans, meaning minimal nudity. But two days later, Camille had to take to Instagram to address the rude comments about her account.

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Users accused her of starting the service because she was running out of acting jobs and was desperate for income. That seems to be false because her site states that her subscription fee is free.

Camille is known for her child star career as Vanessa “Nessa” Thomkins, the niece of Bernie Mac’s character in The Bernie Mac Show. The US sitcom ran from 2001-2006.

The actress was forced to make a comment when haters made memes referring to the late Bernie Mac, suggesting that he ‘her uncle’ would be disappointed in her for participating in the adult-rated platform.

Twitter responds to the haters

Many Twitter users came to the rescue to show full support of Camille and criticised the haters for even commentating on what a grown woman can do.

Camille just turned 31-years-old on February 9, so her child star days are long gone. Therefore, supporters have said that the actress should be able to join and post whatever content she desires.

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