Popular solo K-Pop artist Chungha is back with her single, Bicycle, as part of her debut studio album, Querencia. So far, her music video has been well received but the fans are more intrigued by the suggestive song lyrics.

Chungha has a rough few months after being tested positive for Coronavirus in early December 2020. Her album Querencia was pushed back from January in order for her to recover.

Now that she is healthy again, the K-Pop idol proved that the time off has had no effect on the quality of her work, as she has returned with a powerful new concept.

Proving that she is a triple threat, this is the first time Chungha has rapped in a song.

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Watch: Chungha’s Bicycle MV

Her previous releases have shown the soloist to be able to embody elegance and maturity, as well as a more innocent concept. With Bicycle, Chungha has approached this comeback with a sexier style accompanied by a hip hop influence.

The idol shows a more dominant presence this time around, especially with her English rap verse, the first time that she has ever rapped in her songs.

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While fans are impressed by the music video visuals, it’s the song lyrics that her fans, known as Byulharang’s (meaning someone who shines bright like a star), are freaking out over.

Fans react to the lyrics of Bicycle

Her suggestive lyrics and use of a bicycle bares resemblance to Ariana Grande’s ‘Side to Side’, who pedals on an exercise bike. Ariana’s lyrics “And boy, got me walkin’ side to side” suggests that their intimate moments are so good that she is not able to walk properly.

Chungha’s lyrics follows the same sort of context – it is obvious what she is referring to when she sings “Come on I’ll slay you from tip o’ my tongue, you wanna know? and know what she likes? Sit back and watch me ride”

It’s very rare for K-Pop songs to be so suggestive as idols need to maintain their clean-cut image, so the sexy English lyrics are definitely appealing to her foreign fans.

Some fans have chosen to keep it innocent:

While others approve of the risqué song and want to be the bicycle:

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