Persona 5 Strikers comes out either this week or next week depending on which edition you pre-order. There’s a new story trailer out to steal your heart, and it easily achieves just that for fans who have wanted to see the gang get back together. But, regardless of whether you’ve played the original or Royal expansion, here you’ll discover how to get Persona 5 Strikers Early Access on PS4, PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch by knowing which edition to pre-order.

It’s the series’ 25th anniversary and Atlus reportedly has big plans for 2021. These supposedly big plans have gotten people excited that the fifth instalment could be ported to PC thanks to the success of Golden, and there’s many long-term fans hoping for an announcement of a remake for the third instalment with SEES.

Hopefully there’ll be some fantastic announcements during the year, but – as of now – below you’ll discover how to get Persona 5 Strikers Early Access on PS4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

Persona 5 Strikers pre-order bonus

The pre-order bonus content for Persona 5 Strikers Standard Edition is as follows:

  • Soundtrack with over 40 songs
  • Art Book
  • Behind-the-scenes video

The above pre-order bonus content is for the Standard Edition of the game which costs £54.99.

However, there’s also a Digital Deluxe version available for £64.99, and this comes with the same bonus content plus the following (via PSN store):

  • Persona Legacy BGM – music from 1-4
  • All-Out-Attack Pack
  • Four days Early Access – releases February 19th

How to get Persona 5 Strikers Early Access

You get Persona 5 Strikers Early Access on PS4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch by purchasing the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Provided you pre-order the Deluxe Edition, you’ll be rewarded with four days worth of Persona 5 Strikers Early Access on February 19th.

Seeing as the difference in price between Standard and Deluxe is £10, the fee may be worth the premature release mostly because it also comes with fantastic music from instalments 1-4 (and Golden is especially brilliant).

If you choose not to get Persona 5 Strikers’ Early Access bonus, you will only have to wait until February 23rd for it to release on PS4 (and PS5 via backward compatability), PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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