TikTok star OnlyJayus, whose real name is Isabella Avila, has come out and apologized after screenshots of their text surfaced on social media. This also became the reason for them to get ‘cancelled.’ Here’s what really happened.

OnlyJayus became the victim of cancel culture after old texts of their surfaced online. People were quick to react to it as many people called for an apology. The content creator finally broke their silence on social media and revealed what had happened. However, social media users are still unhappy.

OnlyJasus drama explored

Fans were quick to react after a screenshot of OnlyJayus’ texts surfaced online. It is unclear who they were talking to. The screenshot was allegedly from a conversation that they had a couple of years ago.

The screenshot further shows OnlyJayus using the N-word in their conversation. Fans were upset to see this and wanted them to apologize. As soon as the screenshots surfaced, they took to the comment section of their TikTok and pressed them to address it.

Their comments were filled with people questioning their silence. OnlyJayus finally broke their silence on social media. They took to all their social media platforms, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, to share an apology while reflecting on what had happened.

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OnlyJayus apology explored

After keeping quiet for nearly four days, OnlyJayus finally broke their silence. In a video, they said, “In my past, I said disgusting things to people and I am so ashamed of myself for using racist rhetoric and derogatory language to hate others because I knew what that word meant and I understood the power behind it, but I said it anyway because it was the meanest thing that I could think of and I am so sorry to everyone, but especially to those in the black community.”

They continued, “Only you guys can forgive me for this. There is no excuse and there are no justification for what I said and you guys deserve better.” OnlyJayus only alleges when they first saw the screenshot, they did not think they were real. “I forgot how hateful and how angry of a person I used to be,” they said.

OnlyJayus also stated that the screenshots are not a “reflection of who I am today.” They ended the video by stating they would be sharing the platform with “some amazing black creators who are going to tell their story and try to educate others on the trauma that happens when we use this kind of language.”

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