What show did Elisa Lam go see in LA? The Cecil Hotel documentary has compelled audiences to ask a range of questions.

A recent Netflix documentary has rekindled many people’s interest in the mysterious case of Elisa Lam.

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel is a four-part series which premiered on the streaming service on Monday, February 10th 2021. While it delves into the history of the downtown Los Angeles hotel, it centres on the tragic story of the 21-year-old student who vanished during her 2013 stay.

Theories began to emerge when strange footage of her in the hotel’s elevator was uploaded online. Sadly, she was found dead in a water tank on the hotel’s roof less than a month after her disappearance.

Audiences have been compelled to retrace her steps ahead of her passing, so what show did Elisa Lam go see in LA?

still from Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, Netflix

What show did Elisa Lam go see in LA?

It’s uncertain which show Elisa Lam went to see, but it took place in front of a live audience in Burbank .

The reason it has attracted curiosity is that, while they were taping the show, Elisa began acting strange and actually sent a letter to the show’s host. This unusual behaviour led to security removing her from the premises. The name of the show hasn’t been addressed in articles or documentaries; only the situation has been outlined.

This isn’t the only instance of odd behaviour Elisa exhibited shortly before she vanished.

While sharing a room with other girls, she would apparently lock the door and demand a password before allowing them to enter. Additionally, she would also leave notes on their beds, saying things such as “go home” or “go away”.

Elisa’s roommates complained about her and the hotel staff relocated her to a private room.

In the documentary, the former hotel manager – Amy Price – says that Elisa came into the lobby one night and said something along the lines of “I’m crazy, but so is LA.”

Audiences discuss the Cecil Hotel documentary on Twitter

A wealth of viewers have already taken to Twitter to offer their thoughts on The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel.

Indeed, some have highlighted the potential importance of the show she went to see and the unknown contents of the letter she wished would reach the host.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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