Let’s get the Red Dot ending explained as audiences check out the 2021 movie on Netflix. Here, we’ll break down its twist.

Netflix has already offered audiences an exciting range of films this year, delivering such diverse efforts as Pieces of a Woman, Outside the Wire, Malcolm & Marie, The White Tiger, News of the World and beyond.

The latest to demand attention is Red Dot.

It’s actually the streaming service’s first Swedish movie ever, and perhaps the first of many.

The film centres on a married couple – David (Anastasios Soulis) and Nadja (Nanna Blondell) – who set out on an idyllic retreat in the Swedish mountains. However, their romantic getaway soon descends into something frightening.

A red laser pointed at their tent interrupts their weekend, prompting them to flee the area. They are forced to fight for their survival, but who is hunting them and why? Let’s get the Red Dot ending explained and address the twist…

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Red Dot: 2021 Netflix movie

To understand the ending, we must retrace the narrative back.

At the beginning of the film, we witness David telling a mysterious stranger that “it wasn’t her fault” while Nadja proceeds to flee the scene.

We’re then transported back one and a half years to David’s proposal before flashing forward to the present day, introduced to the relationship issues they have adopted since then.

Nadja informs Tomas (her neighbour, played by Thomas Hanzon) that she’s pregnant, and reveals that she’s uncertain what route to take. Tomas is clearly grappling with some unresolved trauma which involves a child, as highlighted by Digital Spy.

In hopes of recovering their love for one another, David proposes a trip to Bear Valley and they set off. However, they’re met with hostility upon arrival, with damage being inflicted on their car and so forth.

Finding the hunters – Rolle (Tomas Bergström) and Jarmo (Kalled Mustonen) – who scratched up their vehicle, Nadja decides to confront them before they and their dog Boris head into the wilderness.

Nadja tells David her secret but soon after they’re antagonised by the red dot. Their dog is killed and they swiftly believe that the hunters Nadja confronted are responsible.

Red Dot ending explained

After working their way through this ordeal, they finally reach a shelter where they’re able to call for help. Nadja attends to David’s wounds from a bear trap before Jarmo arrives, causing them to run for safety.

Nadja shoots him with a flare and we’re plunged into David’s hallucination of a young boy, whom he says has been stuck in his head; he argues that he doesn’t deserve to be a parent because of it.

The origins of David’s guilt aren’t revealed before Rolle interrupts and is killed by David. This is when the truth comes to light…

David and Nadja arrive at the landlord’s – Einar (Johannes Bah Kuhnke) – cabin to find a photo of the boy from the hallucination. He was their neighbour Tomas’ son and Einar is his brother-in-law.

After David’s proposal, he and Nadja begin to distract one another in a moving car, which as a result, plows into the young boy. Despite Nadja insisting that they stop and deal with the horrific situation, David drove on without alerting the authorities.

Unluckily for them, Tomas witnessed the death through drone footage and decided to take matters into his own hands instead of telling the police. Herein, he hatched a plan of revenge, encouraging David to take Nadja on the retreat so he could take them out.

While it may seem like a straightforward revenge plot, a significant twist is thrown into the narrative when Tomas demands that David kill their unborn child; David refuses to carry out the grisly murder.

Jarmo then turns up but Tomas shoots him, causing him to shoot Eimar dead. The couple use the shootout as an opportunity to flee. However, David urges Nadja to leave him due to the injury holding him back. Indeed, she leaves him and the meaning of the opening scene is revealed. He was explaining to Tomas that Nadja wasn’t responsible for the child’s death.

On the other hand, Nadja finds Rolle’s body and, taking his gun, heads back to save David before being killed by Mona, Tomas’ wife.

Instead of murdering David, Tomas allows him to live, safe in the knowledge that the man who killed his son will now be grappling with his own tragic loss.

They leave and Tomas says that he now understands, achieving clarity on Tomas’ actions and what drove him to such extreme lengths.

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