Users of Mobdro will have realised that the IPTV service is not working. Read on find out what’s happened and discover some alternatives to use instead.

Mobdro is an online streaming app that is popular among Android users. Allowing users to browse and watch videos such as movies, TV, news and even music, it’s a staple for many.

Mobdro collects the videos all in one place, not only giving users access to multiple streaming services but also saving time on hopping between them.

Being such a huge part of Android users technological activity causes problems when it’s down, which is exactly what has happened.

Why is Mobdro not working?

Users will be (kind of) relieved to hear that the issue is app-wide, and no users are currently able to access it. In fact, even the official website is down too and for the past two days, shows only an error page.

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As it stands there has been no word from Mobdro on the error. We have reached out for information and will update this article when it is available.

However, errors like this are commonplace with unverified IPTVs like Mobdro. Unverified means that the app is unavailable through the common app stores, and instead has to be downloaded through a separate site.

Unfortunately, all users can do while Mobdro is still down and not working is wait. Or you can use an alternative IPTV.

Alternative IPTVs to use while it’s still down

There’s a variety of popular alternatives you can use while Mobdro is down.

  • Kodi — Likewise, multi-platform home theatre Kodi is also available on app stores and is a great alternative to Mobdro with many shows and channels.

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