What does DSO mean in Police terms? The majority of the public became acquainted with the acronym due to former President Trump’s impeachment trial and seem confused about its meaning. Let’s find out!

Twitter users scratch their heads over DSO meaning

Some Twitter users who have been closely following the media coverage of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial seem confused as to what the abbreviation DSO means. Is it a police term? A military rank?

Is it covert? Or made up? They have taken to Twitter to share their collective confusion over the acronym.


What does DSO mean in Police terms?

Following the 6 January protests at the Capitol Hill Building, former President Trump was placed under investigation to ascertain whether he had instigated the event. During the ongoing impeachment trial, the term “DSO” has been heard a few times on recordings and people are wondering what it means.

In police terms, DSO means Domestic Security Officer. The acronym can be heard shouted on audio recordings of the Capitol siege, when law enforcement officers needed additional support against the oncoming masses.

DSOs are primarily used as riot police, to dole out such crowd control measures as tear gas, pepper spray, batons and rubber bullets intended to disperse rioters. Their weapons can be lethal and are only to be used in the most extreme circumstances.

Some Twitter users speculated that DSO could also mean “District Security Officer” or “Departmental Strategic Objective”.


However, as explained earlier this is not the case.

The ongoing impeachment trial

The majority of the public became acquainted with the term DSO during Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, as part of a transcript of the events at Capitol Hill. The Washington Post says officers can be heard shouting “Cruiser 50, give me DSO up here now! DSO! Multiple law enforcement injuries DSO, get up here!”.

Former President Trump is currently under investigation for “inciting a deadly mob”, following his refusal to concede as acting president, which is believed to have caused the protests.

However, he has not yet been convicted of any charges. The trial is ongoing at the time of writing and no verdict has yet been reached.

You can watched these events unfold live on YouTube through the NBC News account:

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