Lindsey Graham has been trending on Twitter after discussing the impeachment trial of Donald Trump and stating that he thought “most Republicans found the presentation by the House Managers offensive and absurd.”

He also claimed that “the ‘Not Guilty’ vote is growing after today.”

People on Twitter have been using a nickname to refer to Lindsey Graham, and the insult has caused a stir on the platform, with many users joining in the discussion to share their thoughts on the matter.

What does Lady G mean?

“Lady G” is a nickname which people have been using to refer to US Senator Lindsey Graham.

In February 2021, comedian Kathy Griffin was among others in sharing tweets about Lindsey Graham, referring to him as “Lady G.”

The hashtag #LadyG started trending on Twitter in 2020 after gay adult-film star Sean Harding made a series of allegations online against Graham.

Lindsey Graham has previously spoken about his feelings towards gay marriage in South Carolina, and in October 2020 he said:

“The law of the land by the Supreme Court is that same-sex marriage is now legal. I accept that ruling. We’re a conservative state, there are a lot of religious people around this state that believe in traditional marriage. They’re not bigots.”

Twitter calls out “Lady G” nickname

On February 11th, Twitter users began to discuss the use of the nickname “Lady G” when mentioning Lindsey Graham.

Some suggested that referring to Lindsey as a woman was counter progressive, and resorting to assuming and making fun of his sexuality was unhelpful.

Schitts Creek actor Dan Levy spoke out against the use of the “Lady G” nickname, writing: “‘Lady G’ is not it.”

A Twitter user replied to the tweet, agreeing with Dan: “I hate it so much when people who claim to be on the side of progress trot that one out.”

Actor and writer Tony Posanski tweeted:

“I have to say this a top 10 most annoying thing on Twitter is when people call Lindsey Graham “Lady G”. He is such a f***ing horrible human. You can’t think of ANYTHING else to make fun of Lindsey than your opinion of his sexuality.”

He also said: “I’m blocking everyone justifying the “Lady G” dumb shit. I’m not in the mood.”

Padma Lakshmi also voiced her opinion on the subject, tweeting: “Calling Lindsey Graham ‘Lady G’ is not the burn you think it is and frankly says a lot more about you than him. But calling him a lizard person is accurate and fun for the whole family.”

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