Why was ‘Fake Woke’ removed from iTunes? Tom MacDonald explains on Instagram!

Filiz Mustafa

Fans have been wondering why Tom MacDonald’s single ‘Fake Woke’ was removed from iTunes. The artist has explained in an Instagram comment.

The Canadian rapper has been pretty busy these past few months as he released the videos to two new songs, ‘Fake Woke’ and ‘Cancelled’.

‘Fake Woke’ achieved great success with many fans, becoming number one on iTunes and amassing 6 million views on YouTube.

In addition, the single has became number one in four different categories on the Billboard Charts.

But why was ‘Fake Woke’ removed from iTunes?

Tom MacDonald – “Fake Woke”, YouTube

Why was ‘Fake Woke’ removed from iTunes?

‘Fake Woke’ was doing pretty well on iTunes before it was suddenly removed and this was noticed by many fans and social media users.

The Canadian rapper has revealed that the single was taken down because of “an internal error” on his part.

Responding to one fan, Tom explained on Instagram: “I’ve stated multiple times, it was an internal error on my part. It’ll be back soon.”

Keep checking Tom’s social media profiles as he might reveal when the single will be back on iTunes.

Where can you listen to ‘Fake Woke’?

At the time of publication, the video to ‘Fake Woke’ is still available to watch on Tom’s official YouTube channel.

Fans can listen to the single on SoundCloud too but it’s currently unavailable on Spotify and Amazon Music.

‘Fake Woke’ praised by fans

Apart from thousands of downloads and millions of views, the song topped up several Billboard Charts.

‘Fake Woke’ became number one in four different categories – Emerging Artists, Digital Song Sales, Rap Digital Song and R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Song Sales.

The song is trending among many rap fans as well and a lot of people have shared their reactions on social media.

“I’ve probably watched it about 10 times already. You set the bar high for 2021. Can’t wait to see what else you release this year,” reacted one fan.

“This is awesome Tom!!! Proud of the HangOverGang for making this happen for them!!!” said another one.

Tom has been busy autographing, packing, labelling and filling 15 boxes of autographed albums in the last four days.