Yes, the TikTok is right, you can get Chlamydia in your lungs from vaping, and here’s how.

TikTok has taught us a lot of things: how to make a wrap the proper way, not to put Gorilla Glue in our hair (wasn’t going to try anyway) and now …..that you can get Chlamydia in your lungs.

It might sound surprising, but there’s a perfectly normal explanation to it all.

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The viral TikTok

TikTok user @germanshepardfanaccount made the now-viral TikTok telling her story through the ‘put a finger down’ game. The video has been made private now, but eagle-eyed viewers shared it to Twitter first.

“So, put a finger down if in October you got super, super sick with pneumonia and you tried to tell everybody in your family that you felt like it was something more than that,” she started.

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She carried on by saying that she spent 13 days with a fever and was adamant to doctors that it was something more. “Nobody believed you, they just kept testing you for COVID, testing you for antibodies, testing you for hepatitis, literally anything—everything was negative.”

“Finally, it comes back that you have Chlamydia in your lungs from vaping and smoking a bad cart.”

Can you get Chlamydia in your lungs from vaping?

  • Yes, you can get Chlamydia in your lungs from vaping.

Although Chlamydia might have a rep of first years at college, Jersey Shore and Koalas, it’s not always an STI. In fact, there is three different types of Chlamydia which are very different, but share the same namesake.

Chlamydia trachomatis if the only type that causes the STI. Chlamydia psittaci is linked to pneumonia in humans, but is more so found in birds. Chlamydia pneumoniae however leads to pneumoniae in humans, and can technically be caused by vaping.

Chlamydia pneumonia causes illness by harming the lining of the respiratory tract, however it doesn’t always cause pneumonia. Sometimes it can simply have mild symptoms, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It spreads the way a lot of infections do, by breathing in infected droplets. Normally this means spending time with someone who already has it, or touching something with the droplets on then touching your nose or mouth.

However, in the case of this TikToker, the bacteria ended up in the cartridge of their vape, as the organism can survive in liquid.

On top of that, vaping or smoking can probe the Chlamydia deeper into the lungs, claims While lungs harmed by vaping already will have a harder time with the infection too.