Xico’s Journey: Voice cast and Netflix release date

Iram Sharifah Khan

The 2D animated Mexican film ‘Xico’s Journey’ is set to debut soon on Netflix, but when will it release and who are the voice cast?

The film revolves around a young girl, Copi and her sidekick dog Xico, who are trying to prevent a mountain from being ripped down by an evil corporation.

The animated film will feature on Netflix under the genres: Kids’ Music, Family Features and Mexican films.

People are wondering “When will Xico’s Journey be released?”. Let’s dive in!

Xico’s Journey: Release date

Xico’s Journey made its first appearance in Mexico, where it was released in cinemas on November 2020. Netflix bought the rights to the movie, so it will now be seen globally by Netflix users.

Viewers will also have the option to watch the film dubbed in the following languages: Hindi, English, Polish and Arabic.

Xico’s Journey: Cast

The cast features various Mexican actors.

IMDB shows the names of voice actors that are confirmed to feature in the movie.

The film was written by Enrique Rentaria and produced by Anima Estudios.

Veronica Alva as Copi

Veronica Alva is known for her role in Netflix’s, Xico’s Journey. She stars as a Spanish speaking voice actor, in the original version of the film, titled ‘El Camino De Xico’.

There is not much information about her online, at the time of writing this.

Pablo Gana Iturraran as Xico

Pablo Gana Iturraran is a Mexican born actor who plays one of the lead roles as the voice actor for Xico in Xico’s Journey.

He has been active on Twitter since 2010, there is not much information regarding him at this point in time. He is now known for his role in Xico’s Journey.

You can follow him on his official Twitter account below:

Luis Angel Jaramillo as Gus

Luis Angel Jaramillo may be a familiar voice to some, as he has featured in Pixar film Coco (2017). He sang the song “El Latido de mi Corazon”. He is now known for his musical work on Coco and his work on Xico’s Journey.

In Xico’s Journey, he voices Gus, Copi’s friend who works alongside her and Xico to stop the evil corporation from destroying the mountain to retrieve the gold at the bottom of it.

You can follow him on his official Instagram page:

Xico’s Journey: Release times

Xico’s Journey is due to release on Netflix at 12 AM, PST.

By Iram Sharifah Khan

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