What happened to Barrett Cain on The Resident? Fans have questioned the character’s fate following the latest events on the show.

Ever since Dr. Barrett Cain made his first appearance on The Resident, fans have had mixed reactions about the neurosurgeon.

Dr. Cain, who is portrayed by actor Morris Chestnut, has been rumoured to leave the hospital after the character got involved in a car accident.

So, here’s a recap on the latest about Dr. Cain but bear in mind that there are spoilers involved in the story.

Screenshot – Raptor Vs. Cain | Season 4 | THE RESIDENT

What happened to Barrett Cain?

In episode ‘The Accidental Patient, Dr. Barrett Cain suffered a horrible accident while he was trying to help a woman stuck in a burning car.

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But while trying to save the day, Dr. Cain got struck by a car and was later taken to a hospital for surgery.

He managed to survive the operation but there are lot of questions and uncertainty about the character.

Will Dr. Cain continue his work as a surgeon? And will the accident help him re-evaluate his questionable ways and have a different outlook at life?

Screenshot – Raptor Vs. Cain | Season 4 | THE RESIDENT

Is Morris Chestnut leaving The Resident?

No. There are no reports that Morris Chestnut is leaving the show. Some fans have questioned the character’s fate following his accident but Dr. Cain is still on The Resident.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who plays A.J Austin on the show, spoke about Dr. Cain’s fate and said:

“Yes, he’s alive but things aren’t going to be easy. There’s also still the question as to whether he will ever be a surgeon again, which is a big one.”

Meanwhile, executive producer Andrew Chapman also addressed the character and told the same publication in another interview: “Even if Cain survives the accident, would he change his core personality? Would he ever become a good guy? That’s more iffy.”

Fans react to Cain’s fate

The Resident viewers often take to Twitter to offer their thoughts about Cain and his personality.

Many agree that Dr.Cain’s character is not the most likeable one, with some often sharing their theories about his fate on The Resident.

Check out a selection of tweets down below.

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