Nimona has been cancelled less than a year away from its expected release.

The animated movie was in the works and already had a release date set for January 14th, 2022. Beginning as a webcomic by Noelle Stevenson, it was shortly turned into a graphic novel before Blue Sky Studios picked it up.

Noelle Stevenson shared the news on her Twitter account, writing: “Sad day. Thanks for the well wishes, and sending so much love to everyone at Blue Sky. Forever grateful for all the care and joy you poured into Nimona.”

Pamela Ribon, who wrote the script for Ralph Breaks the Internet and Moana responded: “Blue Sky was filled with funny, talented, passionate, creative artists who welcomed you in as family. I’m so sad you won’t get to see Nimona. We were doing something pretty great.”

Why has Nimona been cancelled?

The movie’s cancellation is essentially collateral damage in the closure of Blue Sky Studios, the Disney owned animation studio creating it. Blue Sky Studios had previously created hits like the Ice Age franchise and Horton Hears a Who.

Le Bal des Folles (The Mad Women’s Ball) | Official Trailer

The closure comes as a consequence of pandemic-induced difficulties. A spokesperson told Deadline: “Given the current economic realities, after much consideration and evaluation, we have made the difficult decision to close filmmaking operations at Blue Sky Studios.”

Blue Sky’s last day will be in April and Disney are working with them to explore possibilities of other positions at internal studios for staff.

Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/WireImage

Will the movie ever be made?

Although there is no news as of yet on the future of Nimona, it’s reported that the movie was already 75% completed. This leaves options open for other studios to take it on and complete it.

Fans are definitely hoping that this will be the case. If the movie does get made, it will follow the story of Nimona, a shapeshifting villain who sets to prove that the kingdom’s ‘heroes’ aren’t as heroic as people thing.

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