There’s been lots of collaborations between Fortnite and popular IPs, and there’s a rumour that Epic Games costumes will soon be coming to Fall Guys. It remains to be seen whether this happens or not, but – following the latest announcement – lots of people are asking: what time is the Flash Cup in Fortnite? Here you’ll find the start time for the Cup, and you’ll also discover how to get the Flash skin.

Epic Games have collaborated with superheroes before in the past, and they reportedly have plans “for many years of Marvel integration“. This news came after the Season 4 crossover with Marvel, but Epic Games haven’t been shy about getting into bed with DC also as they have previously released costumes for the likes of Batman, Joker, Aquaman, and Harley Quinn.

And now there’s another DC costume on offer. Below you’ll find out what time the Flash Cup is scheduled to start in Fortnite, and you’ll discover how to get the skin.

How to get the Flash Skin in Fortnite

European players must finish between 1st and 3,500th in the Flash Cup to get the skin in Fortnite.

As for NA East and West, you will only get the Flash skin in Fortnite via the superhero’s Cup if you finish between 1st and 1,750th, 1st and 500th.

As for what the tournament is all about, it’s a duos competition which includes up to ten matches during a three hours window.

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If you don’t get the Flash skin, the good news is that it will enter the item shop on February 13th.

The soon to be released set comes with the following:

  • Flash outfit
  • Speed Force Slashers Pickaxe
  • Speed Force Back Bling
  • Quick Bite Emote

In addition to all of the above, you should also know that you need an account level ranked 30 as well as two-factor authentication enabled to participate.

What time does the Flash Cup start in Fortnite?

The Flash Cup starts in Fortnite at the time of 17:00 GMT on February 10th for Europe.

As for NA East and West, the start time for the Fortnite Cup is 18:00 EST and 21:00 EST on the same day.

Epic Games note that the tourney will last for three hours with players able to participate in a maximum of ten matches.

It’ll be very hard to get the skin, but you’ll be able to buy the superhero’s set from the item shop on February 13th at 19:00 ET.

Check out Epic Games’ rules for the Flash Cup to find more information.