Let’s get Buck’s family secret in 911 explained. Could there be more revealed later on? Fans have reacted to the bombshell on Twitter.

A year of promising television got off to a significant start in January 2021 and a number of beloved shows returned with new seasons.

Fans were welcomed back into the fold with a brand new season of 911, beginning on Monday, January 18th 2021.

Created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Tim Minear, the American procedural emerged back in 2018 and has kept audiences coming back with a host of compelling and exciting characters.

While favourites vary, some viewers would wholeheartedly declare Oliver Stark’s Evan “Buck” Buckley as the character they’ve taken to most.

In season 4, we recently discovered something important about his past, so let’s get Buck’s family secret in 911 explained.

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911: Buck’s family secret explained

In season 4 episode 4 – titled ‘9-1-1, What’s Your Grievance? – we discover the truth of Buck’s family tragedy.

We see him searching through Maddie’s baby box that their parents had kept and in it he finds a picture of a young boy he believes to be himself.

However, taking a close look at the 1988 date on it, he realises that this couldn’t possibly be him. The picture was taken before he was born, and is actually an image of his and Maddie’s brother, Daniel, who passed away before Buck was born.

Maddie reveals this shocking revelation after the photograph is unearthed

Essentially, Buck’s family have been hiding this from him the whole time, never mentioning it and ensuring he doesn’t see any photos which may stir his curiosity.

While the reveal certainly clarified some things, there is arguably still some uncertainty shrouding the situation. Why were they so desperate not to let Buck know the truth about his brother?

Speaking with TVLine, showrunner Tim Minear described Buck’s discovery as “something about his existence that will be the missing piece to explain who Buck is and why Buck is Buck.”

Indeed, it’s clarified that more will be revealed in episode 5, titled ‘Buck Begins’.

911 fans react on Twitter

Some fans theorised the big secret being that Buck was actually adopted, so the brother reveal will have taken many by surprise.

Since the episode aired, a number of 911 audiences have taken to Twitter to offer a reaction and weigh in some quick thoughts.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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