The Weeknd shocked everyone with his look when his song ‘Save Your Tears’ dropped last year. Now the singer is trending again after his 2021 Super Bowl performance. However, what happened to The Weeknd? His look has raised the question about whether his plastic surgery is real.

The Weeknd fans were left shocked by the singer’s look in the last few months. Last year, The Weeknd had attended the AMAs with his face covered in bandages.

His fans grew concerned about his health and wondered if he had an accident. Even though the singer didn’t comment on it then, fans seem to believe his new plastic surgery look has some connection.

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What happened to The Weeknd?

Weeknd’s face had his fans scratching their heads as many were trying to figure out what had happened. Fans were convinced he underwent plastic surgery. His new look impacted his fans to the extent that they flooded social media with their reactions.

“Someone plz tell me The Weeknd didn’t actually get plastic surgery bc,” one wrote. You’re telling me the weeknd got plastic surgery…?” another questioned. “Umm. So can someone explain why The Weeknd got plastic surgery?? Please say it’s fake!” wrote another.

Many were eagerly waiting for the singer to give them an answer, but he decided to stay tight-lipped.

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Is The Weeknd’s plastic surgery real?

No, The Weeknd’s plastic surgery is NOT real. The Weeknd is known for putting a lot of thought into his music video. It is quite possible he had an underlying meaning for his look showcased in his new song. To give you more proof, the Weeknd recently shared a picture of himself on his Instagram.

The picture showed The Weeknd wearing a mask. However, if you look closely at his eyebrows and cheeks, they look exactly like they did before. As for his look in the video, one can notice his eyebrows are thinned. Meanwhile, his jawlines seem sharper than a knife. In reality, The Weeknd’s new look happens to be just for the video.

The Weeknd at the 2021 Super Bowl

The singer dropped the make-up look and bandages for his performance at the 2021 Super Bowl.

However, this time it was his teeth that caught everyone’s attention, leading to hilarious reactions and memes from fans on Twitter.

A before and after picture shows the transformation the Weeknd might have had. In the Instagram post down below, the difference between the singer’s old look and the new can be clearly seen.

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