Nickelodeon fans have been sharing their excitement online after hearing the news that the first seasons of iCarly have been added to Netflix.

Over the years iCarly had some incredible guests on the show including Michelle Obama, and yep, you guessed it, One Direction.

One Direction appeared on iCarly in 2012 and their episode featured a plot line which nearly resulted in Gibby taking Harry’s spot in the band after he came down with a mysterious illness.

What episode were One Direction on iCarly?

One Direction appeared in the iCarly episode “iGo One Direction” which was the second episode of season six and the 86th episode overall.

During the episode Harry Styles gets sick but the band discover he is faking it to get attention, so they make him think he is being replaced by Gibby.

After hearing the news, Harry quickly recovers and One Direction perform their hit 2011 single “What Makes You Beautiful.”

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The episode aired on April 7th 2012, during the height of One Direction’s fame after the release of their first album, “Up All Night.”

iCarly added to Netflix

On February 8th, the first few seasons of iCarly were added to Netflix, meaning fans of the show can relive their childhoods by getting sucked back into the world of Sam, Carly and Freddy.

However, only the first two seasons of the show are on Netflix.

In December it was announced that there would be an iCarly reboot, which would run on Paramount Plus. Jay Kogen tweeted:

“People were asking what I was doing. Now I can tell you. We get to make iCarly for ADULTS! ‘iCarly’ Reboot With Original Stars Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor & Nathan Kress Ordered By Paramount+”

When did iCarly end?

iCarly ran from September 8th 2007 until November 23rd 2012.

In total, the Nickelodeon show had 97 episodes and six seasons.

The show also led to a spin-off show titled “Sam and Cat” featuring Sam from iCarly and Cat from Victorious, played by Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande respectively.

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