What is the ‘perfume mask’ TikTok about? The latest viral video has TikTok and Twitter asking questions. So, let’s take a look at the Covid-19 related TikTok.

TikTok has provided its users with endless fun. By the looks f things there’s no limit when it comes to TikTok users’ imaginations. The latest trend to surface in and among the lockdown blues is the perfume mask TikTok.

So, let’s take a look at what people have been creating on TikTok before they fill up their car at the gas station…

What is the ‘perfume mask’ TikTok about?

The perfume mask TikTok sees a man go to put his girlfriend’s mask on in the car, and in doing so, he smells her perfume.

The video is captioned: “When you accidentally put on her perfumed mask at the gas station”.

After the “boyfriend” smells his girlfriend’s perfume, he shakes his head, bangs on his chest and air grinds to Bruno Mars song “Gorilla”.

TikTok: Bruno Mars Look What You’ve Done

Bruno Mars’ song “Gorilla” looks to have done its rounds on TikTok. The song features on the latest viral perfume video.

The chorus of the song details “making love like gorillas” so we can only assume that the perfume mask TikTok is insinuating that many boyfriends are seriously into their girlfriends – and their perfume.

TikTok user @madvan16 made a comical video in response to @cojosmojo‘s video where she throws over her mask, sees the boyfriend’s reaction and hot-steps out the car.

Twitter reacts to the TikTok

It’s clear from Twitter that many people weren’t impressed by the TikTok video and some were literally red-faced after seeing @cojosmojo grinding in his car.

The TikTok had Twitter users asking who had seen it: “anyone else on perfume mask, banging on chest gorilla tiktok?”

One person Tweeted: “You just KNOW that guy who did the perfumed mask thing on tiktok is getting bullied at work until the end of time”.

Another said: “that “when u accidentally put on her perfumed mask at the gas station” TikTok traumatized me”.

A further Twitter user said: “Did anyone else see that guy on TikTok with the perfumed mask and Bruno Mars song”.

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