What happened to Yoatzi Castro? Fans have been flooding her comments with messages of support. Read on to find out why.

Yoatzi Castro is a popular YouTuber, after rising to fame with ‘story times’ and ‘vlogs’ with her influencer brother Louie Castro. Fans of the influencer became well associated with her boyfriend Jessie two years into her career, and then in 2016 they became a family.

The couple welcomed son Travis, but split four years later in 2020. Although they first split in 2019, things were back on in October 2020 and she even spoke about having more kids in an interview.

However, in January, she confirmed on Instagram that the relationship has officially come to an end. “My relationship has come to an end and I’m so done,” she wrote. “I will not tolerate any disrespect or infidelity.”

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The YouTube video

On January 18th, Yoatzi posted a video to her channel titled: “I’m healing,” which lasted 20 minutes long. Although she didn’t completely dive into what happened before they split, she confirmed it was over and explained that it was toxic.

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The YouTuber explained that people close to her had told her to cut ties a long time ago: “So many people told me to run a long time ago… I could probably fill up a book of people who would tell me to leave. I just wasn’t strong enough to leave…” she said. “I really wasn’t strong enough mentally or emotionally.”

She reportedly went on to claim that her ex-partner would often judge her parenting skills and wasn’t supportive of her work ethic. At the end of the video, Yoatzi promised to share more details about what happened in the future.

What happened to Yoatzi Castro?

Just the day after Yoatzi uploaded her break-up video, her ex-boyfriend Jessie was arrested for breaking into her home and holding a gun to her family. The local police department confirmed the events in an Instagram post on January 19th.

“Jessie Andrade, 30, is now facing several charges, including felony criminal threats, brandishing of a firearm, felony burglary, violation of a domestic violence restraining order, and resisting/delaying his arrest.”

The post alleges that Jessie broke into the house and pointed a gun at Yoatzi Castro, her son, and her father. He then allegedly refused to leave the house and crisis negotiators had to spend “ hours attempting to convince the suspect to surrender.”

Yoatzi Castro hasn’t spoken much about what happened, but her brother Louis sent tweets with his views on it to fans.

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