Notorious YouTuber personality Pewdiepie has created a response video to the controversy surrounding his plans to become a VTuber.

VTubers present themselves as motion-capture virtual or cartoon characters in YouTube videos instead of presenting their genuine live-action appearance. This trend had been steadily growing over many years, but gained significant popularity during 2020.

After taking a break from YouTube for a while, Pewdiepie, who has over 100 million subscribers on the platform, recently announced that he would be returning to video content as a VTuber.

Why has Pewdiepie’s VTuber announcement caused controversy?

Pewdiepie’s latest announcement has caused controversy among VTubers in large part because they are concerned that Pewdiepie’s audience may bring a toxic element to the growing community.

Some VTubers have been quick to point out Pewdiepie’s history of using racial slurs in videos, and have accused many of his ardent fans of being inappropriate in their communication with other people online. Others instead argue that Pewdiepie will bring greater attention to the community and help VTubers gain legitimacy.

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The concern amoung the VTubers, then, is that the burgeoning community will become inundated with newcomers who will not respect the rules and etiquette that VTubers usually follow.

Pewdiepie responds to VTuber accusations

In a video responding to the VTuber controversy, Pewdiepie took the opportunity to mock his critics and the VTuber community as a whole.

In the video, Pewdiepie refers to one VTuber as “Some dumbass that won’t even show their own face” and goes on to say to his critics that “Your opinions don’t matter”.

Given the volatile manner in which Pewdiepie has responded to VTubers’ complaints, it’s likely that the current controversy will not be going away any time soon.

How this may shape the community surrounding virtual presences on YouTube remains to be seen, but this could have a significant impact on the way such accounts are viewed by the YouTube community as a whole.

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