Popular Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade has made many of his Skywars videos private, amid calls for the star to be cancelled over a tweet from 2017 that has created new controversy.

Technoblade currently has over five million subscribers on YouTube and receives millions of views per day, but fans of his content have noticed that a large number of his older videos are no longer available.

While Technoblade hasn’t made an official comment about the purge, fans suspect that this is due to an ongoing controversy surrounding an older tweet that the YouTuber made before his audience began to skyrocket.

What is the Technoblade Twitter controversy?

The controversy surrounding Technoblade’s Twitter presence stems from a tweet from 2017. The tweet in question reads: “Was Hitler a lesbian?”

The response to the newly discovered tweet has been extremely negative, with a vocal group of detractors calling for Technoblade to be cancelled.

While Technoblade has not responded publicly to the new Twitter drama, fans suspect that his move to make older Skywars videos private may be an attempt to mitigate further issues.

Why has Technoblade made his videos private?

Fans suspect that Technoblade has moved to make a large number of his old videos private in an effort to avoid the content being used against him in future.

The logic appears to be that, since an old tweet has been dredged up to create controversy in 2021, it would be just as dangerous for an off-colour or inappropriate joke from Technoblade’s hours of content to be re-examined by bad faith commenters.

Technoblade has seen a drop-off of several million daily views as a result of the decision to make his previous content private. Fans have complained that they can no longer view his older videos, but many have said that they understand his perspective and concern.