Riddles remain as popular as ever and have made somewhat of a comeback during lockdown as people are trying out new ways to test their knowledge and entertain friends.

If you are looking for a new riddle to solve, why not try the Ex Policeman riddle? The riddle has been shared around a lot online over the years and is simple, yet frustrating to solve.

This riddle has perplexed internet users far and wide, leaving them arguing over what the answer could possibly be. Read on to find out more!

Ex Policeman riddle

The ex policeman riddle is:

An ex policeman lost his house

His car

His girlfriend

What did he lose first?

Clovis Wood Photography, Unsplash

Ex Policeman riddle answer explained

The answer to the riddle is not his car, his girlfriend or his house.

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The answer to the ex policeman riddle is: He lost his job first.

The answer is his job as he is referred to in the riddle as an “ex policeman” which implies that he no longer holds that job title.

Although it is not one of the options, the whole point in the riddle is to force you to use logical thinking and brainstorm out of the box ideas. The fact that he is an ex policeman would not be mentioned in the riddle if it was not important!

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