On February 4th, Twitter user and podcast host Greg Kelly took to Twitter to share his anger over a situation regarding a “McFish” at his local McDonald’s.

In the tweet, he asks his followers when the “McFish” was taken off of the menu and wondered if the product was “permanently banned.”

People quickly flooded to the app to discuss the situation, with many suggesting that the “McFish” never existed, and instead is called a “Filet O’ Fish.”

What is a McDonald’s McFish?

The McFish debate began when a Twitter user, Greg Kelly, tweeted about a “McFish” being taken off the menu. He said:

“I just went to a MACDONALD’S and there was no MCFISH on the menu. When the hell did that happen? Is it permanently banned? Or is just my ‘local’ MACDONALD’S. I demanded to see the ‘manager’ but they accused me of being a ‘MALE KAREN’ so i walked out.”

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However, other Twitter users were quick to point out that a McFish was never on the menu, and that the fast food joint is spelled “McDonald’s” rather than “Macdonald’s.”

Greg’s followers assumed he was referring to a “Filet O’ Fish,” a fish sandwich which has been a staple of the McDonald’s menu for years and is still available today.

The McDonald’s website describes the Filet O’ Fish as:

“Delicious white Hoki or Pollock fish in crispy breadcrumbs, with cheese and tartare sauce, in a steamed bun.”

Twitter debates McDonald’s McFish tweet

As is always the way, Twitter users did not hold back during the great McFish debate of February 4th, and many were quick to make fun of the situation.

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