Days of Our Lives fans have been left asking “what happened to the original Vivian?” after the character returned being played by a new actress.

Days of Our Lives characters are always coming and going.

On February 3rd, 2021, Vivian Alamain made an unexpected return to Salem after apparently faking her death when we last saw her.

However, Vivian looks a little different this time as she’s played by a new actress.

But just what happened to the original Vivian actress and who is playing the character now?

Vivian returns to Days of Our Lives

February 3rd’s episode began with the dramatic revelation about who was behind the kidnapping of Eli and Lani’s twin babies.

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Raynor explains to the couple that she was being blackmailed and it’s revealed that Ivan had taken the children as a gift for Vivian who makes an unexpected return just before the opening titles.

However, Vivian looks a little different this time around as she’s being played by a new actress, Linda Dano.


What happened to the original Vivian?

When the character of Vivian was introduced, she was played by the actress Louise Sorel.

Louise held the role from 1992 until 2018 before a comeback in the summer of 2020.

When we last saw her, Vivian crashed Eli and Lani’s wedding but she was arrested after threatening Lani with a gun.

However, to avoid prison, Vivian faked her own death and disappeared.

That was until February 3rd when she returned being played by Linda Dano who is actually the fourth actress to play Vivian as the role has also been held by Marj Dusay and Robin Strasser, the latter appearing in 17 episodes in 2019.

Linda Dano was announced in the role of Vivian in December 2020 but no reason was given behind the casting change. Perhaps Vivian secretly had plastic surgery after faking her death.


Linda Dano: Films and TV

Linda Dano has been a constant presence on our screens since she made her acting debut in the 1967 film Tony Rome.

Since then, the 77-year-old actress has appeared in 45 acting roles according to IMDb.

The most prominent of these have come in All My Children and its various spin-offs where she played Rae Cummings as well as Another World where she played Felicia Gallant in over 1,000 episodes between 1983 and 1999.

Days of Our Lives continues daily on NBC.

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