Did Trey Songz do the Silhouette Challenge? No, but an alleged explicit video has leaked on Twitter, and here’s how fans are reacting to it.

The biggest social media trend of February so far has been TikTok’s Silhouette Challenge, which quickly took a darker turn than initially intended as people started removing the filter and seeing people’s nude bodies underneath.

When talk of an explicit video of Trey Songz surfaced on Twitter, fans instantly assumed that he had taken part in the viral Silhouette Challenge. But, what they actually found was something else…

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Fans thought Trey Songz did the Silhouette Challenge

On Wednesday (February 4th), rapper Trey Songz started trending on Twitter and there was talk of an alleged nude video of him emerging online.

Fans thought that he must have done the Silhouette Challenge, a viral TikTok challenge that sees people transitioning into a seductive silhouette.

The challenge has had some backlash recently as a number of people discovered ways to remove the red filter from the challenge, revealing a person’s naked body underneath.

So, everyone thought this must be what has happened to Trey Songz, but that isn’t the case.

Explicit video of Trey Songz allegedly leaks on Twitter

The video going viral on Twitter wasn’t of Trey Songz doing the viral Silhouette Challenge at all, it was actually an alleged leaked s*x tape.

An x-rated video emerged online, and many fans were certain that the man in the clip was Trey Songz. However, there has not yet been any confirmation.

Trey Songz took to Instagram to joke about the situation, first sharing a photo of himself looking at his phone with a confused expression. Then, he shared a video of himself walking with a limp and a series of photos with his hand down his trousers.

Finally, he shared a photo promoting his OnlyFans, but he still never confirmed whether the alleged s*x tape is actually his.

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Twitter users react to the alleged s*x tape leak

Social media users were certain that the alleged video was of Trey Songz despite no official confirmation being made, and they’ve been taking to Twitter to react to it.

Some people fainted after watching Trey Songz alleged video.

Live footage of us watching it at work.

This is how everyone reacted to the alleged leak.

Others are still having trouble finding the video.

Me after seeing the Trey Songz video.

It’s definitely not something you expect to see on Twitter on a Wednesday.

Did the video make you sweaty?

Me deleting ‘Trey Songz video’ in my search…

Not your mother asking to send her the Trey Songz video.

Fans want him to do the Silhouette Challenge next!

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