Where is Black Beach filmed? Netflix recently added the 2020 movie directed by Esteban Crespo, so let’s consider filming locations.

Netflix impressed subscribers with a wealth of diverse movies in 2020, offering spectacle-driven blockbusters like Extraction and The Old Guard, as well as new efforts from such celebrated filmmakers as Charlie Kaufman and David Fincher.

This year is set to be just as, if not even more satisfying for film enthusiasts.

The streaming service has confirmed that it will be offering audiences a new movie every single week, whether they’re anticipated acquisitions or original productions.

So far, we’ve tucked into the likes of Outside the Wire, Pieces of a Woman, The Dig, The White Tiger and more.

Black Beach was also added on Wednesday, February 3rd 2021. So, let’s highlight the film’s stars, and we’re not just talking about the cast.

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Where was Black Beach on Netflix filmed?

still from Black Beach, Crea SGR et al., IMDb

Netflix: Where is Black Beach filmed?

  • Black Beach filming locations include Spain and Belgium.

As highlighted by IMDb, sequences were shot in Gran Canaria, one of Spain’s Canary Islands that has become closely associated with its white sandy beaches.

Southern beaches include Playa del Inglés and Puerto Rico, along with such calmer locations as Puerto de Mogán and San Agustín.

A number of notable productions have shot in the Canary Islands over the years, including Fast & Furious 6, Solo: A Star Wars Story and Clash of the Titans.

Other Spanish locations in which Black Beach was filmed include Madrid, where a number of exterior sequences were shot.

The film premiered at the Málaga Film Festival in August 2020; Málaga is a port city on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol.

Additionally, the cast and crew filmed in Brussels, Belgium. Other films shot in Brussels include The Danish Girl and Rust and Bone.

Black Beach (2020) movie cast

As listed by IMDb, check out the cast members of Black Beach and their respective roles below:

  • Raúl Arévalo as Carlos
  • Paulina García as Elena
  • Candela Peña as Alejandra
  • Claude Musungayi as Graham
  • Babou Cham as General Guillermo Mba
  • Lidia Nené as Lucía
  • Melina Matthews as Susan
  • Emilio Buale as León Ndong
  • Mulle Jarju Salvador as Gregorio Ndong
  • Aída Wellgaye as Ada
  • Jimmy Castro as Calixto Batete
  • Fenda Drame as Eva
  • Dairon Tallon as Calixto Jr.
  • Teresita Evuy as Mamá Claudina
  • Olivier Bony as Sigalot

More from Esteban Crespo

Black Beach was directed by Spanish filmmaker Esteban Crespo.

The 49-year-old director previously helmed such shorts as La propina, That Wasn’t Me, Nadie tiene la culpa, Lala, Fin, Amar and Siempre quise trabajar en una fábrica.

His directorial feature debut came with Amar in 2017, starring María Pedraza and Pol Monen. Black Beach is his sophomore feature.

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