LeBron James had to stop his game midway after Juliana Carlos heckled him. Twitter decided to name her ‘courtside Karen’ following the incident. Meanwhile, others were busy reacting to the incident through memes.

Following the incident, Juliana came forward and apologized. However, it does not look like social media has forgiven her. It took only a matter of seconds for Twitter to be filled with memes about the incident. During the argument, the commentator linked her to the viral ‘Lady and the Cat’ meme. Here are some of them!

Best ‘Courtside Karen’ memes

Twitter users decided to make courtside Karen meme after the incident and we assure you some of them are going to make you laugh really hard!

How fans think Juliana reacted on the court:

Fans reacting to Juliana talking about her age and husband:

People react to LeBron’s response to the incident:

Fans also imagined what would happen if LeBron’s wife Savannah Brinson were to get involved:

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