Ken Roczen and Colt Nichols showed dominant displays to win back to back Indianapolis rounds. The two red plate holders extend their points leads over their rivals as another Tuesday night of racing did not disappoint.

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Pre-race update: Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing lost another rider in the 450 class as Jason Anderson was unable to line up for the night event. In the 250 class, 3rd in the standings Jett Lawrence pulled out of the main event after suffering two crashes throughout the day.

450 Main Event: King Ken’s legacy continues

A great jump out the gate gave Justin Barcia the holeshot closely followed by points leader Roczen while Cianciarulo, Musquin, Tomac and Webb were all within the top ten.

Roczen struck immediately after the finish line taking the inside line off Barcia and Cianciarulo to slide himself into 3rd.  However, his teammate and 2020 champion Tomac was on the move, climbing from 10th to 4th in quick concession.

At the halfway mark, Roczen was leading Barcia by over seven seconds. while Tomac had passed Cianciarulo for 3rd and was just a few seconds back of Barcia.

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With five minutes to go there were battles all over the track and Cianciarulo was struggling to maintain the pace and soon lost his position to the Yamahas of Plessinger and Stewart, as well as KTM’s Webb, thus relegating him back to 7th.

Yet Webb was not done with just that pass and soon pushed past Stewart for 5th, who fell moments later back to 10th.  With the white flag out Roczen cruised to his second victory in a row and, despite five solid minutes of constant pressure, Barcia held off Tomac for 2nd. Webb’s ‘never give up’ attitude allowed him to sneak past Plessinger on the final lap giving him 4th spot.

Photo by Charles Mitchell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

450 Main top ten: Roczen, Barcia, Tomac, Webb, Plessinger, Cianciarulo, Osborne, Savatgy, Ferrandis, Stewart.

450 Championship top five: Roczen-112, Webb-99, Tomac-98, Barcia-92, Cianciarulo-87.

Ken Roczen said:

“I was lucky enough to get our front and ride my own race and that was really key with this kind of track. I had a couple of good creative lines and just made it happen.

It’s way too early to think about the championship. I’m just out here having fun with my family, I really enjoy racing and training again and trying to get back to the top. I’m sure it’ll be a bit more rougher, but it’s all about making the most and being your best. What an awesome night.”

250 Main Event: Colt holds on

Michael Mosiman jumped out in front taking the holeshot aboard his Troy Lee Designs Gas Gas with points leader Nichols in 2nd and teammate Craig in 3rd.

However, seven minutes into the main event and there was a change in the lead, with Mosiman caught up with a crashed rider and allowing Nichols to not only take lead but pull away from the rest.

Third-place Craig started to pile the pressure on Mosiman for 2nd and then with just over five minutes remaining, he made the move through the whoops and began to set his sights on the leader Nichols.

Yet by this time Nichols had a 2.5-second lead and was not slowing up. He soon stretched the gap up to six seconds and took the checkered flag for his third win in a row. Craig followed in 2nd and early race leader Mosiman finished 3rd. A determined ride after a first turn crash saw Jo Shimoda work his way from 18th to finish 4th while Grant Harlan rounded out the top five.

Photo by Charles Mitchell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

250 Main top ten: Nichols, Craig, Mosiman, Shimoda, Harlan, Hand, Varize, Osby, Karnow, Moranz, Fleming.

250 championship top five: Nichols-122, Craig-111, Mosiman-97, Shimoda-96, Lawrence-83.

Colt Nichols said:

“You train really hard to win and I believe in my ability a lot. I wanted to come in and win races and win this championship and I knew if I came in healthy, I would have a good shot.

I’m soaking it all in, I’m loving this moment right now. I’m just trying to enjoy it day by day and race by race. I fumbled a little at the start and Mosiman got away, but I cleaned it up well and was able to get away.”

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