Is The Resident cancelled? Is the series renewed for season 5? Let’s consider the renewal status of the Fox medical drama.

January ushered in another year of promising television and a wealth of shows have ensured that we’re off to a satisfying start.

Fans of Fox’s The Resident were thrilled to see it back for season 4, which began premiering on Tuesday, January 12th 2021.

This American medical drama first arrived on screens back in 2018, introducing audiences to the lives of staff at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital.

It was created by Amy Holden Jones, Hayley Schore, and Roshan Sethi, but – as you may know – is based on Marty Makary’s book Unaccountable.

Some are already asking whether The Resident is cancelled. So, has it been renewed for season 5?

still from The Resident, 3 Arts Entertainment et al., IMDb

Is The Resident cancelled? Is it renewed for season 5?

  • No, The Resident is not cancelled. There is currently no news regarding the show’s cancellation or potential renewal for a fifth season. However, a producer has offered thoughts on the show’s future.

It’s perhaps far too early to expect any concrete renewal news.

The series was renewed for season 4 in May 2020, roughly one month after season 3 concluded. So, perhaps we can expect an announcement regarding the show’s fate shortly after season 4 concludes.

As it stands, it’s uncertain how many episodes there will be in total. Although, if it’s similar to previous seasons, then we may expect renewal news sometime in July or August.

Renewal seems likely, as producer Andrew Chapman has fortunately confirmed that they’re already thinking about season 5…

Andrew Chapman talks The Resident season 5

While in conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Andrew Chapman was asked whether season 4 could mark the final batch of episodes. He responded:

“No, we don’t want this to be our final season. We have not been officially renewed by Fox, nor have we even aired yet. We have lots more stories to tell, we have more to say about health care, and more to say about our characters and where they are going.”

He added: “We’ve already started thinking about where to take these characters in season 5 — all I can say about that is handkerchiefs. It’s going to be good!”

So, there’s every reason to be hopeful for more to come.

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