Han Jinsung has been accused by fans of saying the N-word in a rap. Read on to find out about the song in question and fans’ reactions.

K-pop boy band member Han Jisung, of Stray Kids, is 20 years old and has earned himself a large following. However, being in the spotlight means all eyes are on him, and his past.

Fans have resurfaced a rap by his 13-year-old self, and one lyric has shocked. The rap was allegedly released onto his pre-debut YouTube channel, but has since been deleted.

Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

When did Han Jisung say the N-word?

The sound clip video began circling around Twitter yesterday, February 1st, and has left fans breaking down and analysing the Korean rap into English.

“Are you a [redacted] foreign labourer, you mother****ing pig bird,” is the lyric that has grabbed the attention of fans.

The redacted word is reportedly a Korean slur, comparable to the N-word. While the term “foreign labourer” has also drawn attention due to its history of being used as a derogatory term for Southeast Asians.

Some have also speculated that the English version of the N-word can also be heard, but others have explained that the Korean word for ‘you’re’ can sound similar.

He apologised on the Stray Kids Instagram

Han Jisung publicly apologised for the N-word lyrics on the Stray Kids Instagram, with a post about his thoughts.

“I wrote the inappropriate lyrics with only the single thought of wanting to rap during my irresponsible, younger days. I apologize for hurting somany people with the lyrics written without thinking enough,” he wrote.

“Due to this incident, I was able to think deeply while reading comments that many had left, as well as the lyrics i wrote in the past.”

“As I fully understand that such behaviour cannot be excused simply because of young age, I will reflect upon my actions deeply.”

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