Hal Holbrook is the Emmy and Tony-winning actor who was most popular for his portrayal of Mark Twain. However, he sadly passed away on January 23rd at 95 years old.

Hal Holbrook first played the role of Mark Twain in a self-directed solo show called “Mark Twain Tonight!” where he played an American Novelist. As a result, he went on to win the best actor Tony in 1966. 

Many fans of the award-winning actor want to know more about his wife, read on to find out more.

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Who was Hal Holbrook’s wife?

  • Hal Holbrook has been married three times, including to Carol Eve Rossen, Ruby Holbrook and Dixie Carter. Dixie and Hal remained married until her death in 2010.

Dixie Carter also had two failed marriages, and finally married the love of her life, Hal Holbrook, on May 27th, 1984. Hal was 14 years older than Dixie and reportedly met her in 1980 during the filming of a movie called The Killing of Randy Webster. They played a married couple whose teenage son is shot by police; the couple believe the officers planted a gun on him in order to justify the killing. 

According to reports; Dixie’s friends knew that her relationship with Hal would be long lasting. “She called and said she had met the most wonderful man,” John Wallowitch, a songwriter who was Carter’s first singing coach, recalled to the newspaper. “I think she loved him right away, but there was a note of caution there.”

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Emmy-Winning actor dies aged 95

Hal Holbrook was a very famous actor and is well-known for playing Deep Throat in ‘All the President’s Men’ and appeared on his show ‘Mark Twain Tonight!’ which he brought to Broadway in 1977 and made more than 2,200 appearances on. He also appeared in “The Firm”, “Into the Wild” and roles on “Designing Women”.

In an interview with the Television Academy, Hal Holbrook spoke on how much he adored working with his wife during the filming of Designing Women, where he played Dixie’s characters love interest.

“That [show] was special,” he said. “Dixie loved doing that show and I loved working with Dixie on it. … You start to do things by instinct, and my instinct was to put her on. To kind of make her mad, to put her on. And it seemed to work well for her character, for our relationship. Because it was a relationship of love and respect and humor.”

“[Julia Sugarbaker] had a way of getting a little high on herself, a little too high on horse. My character was perfect for just taking her down off the horse,” he added. “She didn’t like that. But I did. I enjoyed it. … Something happened with us when we were on camera. Something just clicked.”

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