The famous Four Lads from that viral meme have announced on TikTok that they’re getting their own Netflix series.

One of this year’s most popular internet memes has been the Four Lads in Jeans meme, and it’s completely taken over the social media.

First going viral in 2020, the Four Lads meme is an image of four British men all standing in front of a bar. It’s used to represent the stereotypical British man in 2021, with some of their defining features being Alexander McQueen trainers, tight shirts, and tattoos.

The meme blew up again last month, and now rumours are flooding social media that the four lads are getting their own Netflix documentary, but is it true? Let’s find out…

Four lads sea shanty meme by @vonstrenginho on Twitter

The Four Lads announce their own Netflix show

On Monday (February 1st), the Four Lads took to their official TikTok @fourladsinjeans to reveal a very exciting announcement. They’re starring in a Netflix show!

Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary | Official Trailer | IMDb TV

In the video, the lads returned to the spot where they took the original photo and wore exactly the same clothes, but this time they had a full camera crew.

They wrote in the caption: “Making a Meme. Coming to Netflix December 2021.”

The video has had a huge 1.7 million views in just 24 hours and has gone viral on TikTok.

Netflix haven’t actually made an official announcement, but fans are taking this as proof that the lads have got their own Netflix documentary, and they’e been taking to Twitter to react.

Twitter users react to the Four Lads’ Netflix series

Fans can’t quite believe that four normal men from Birmingham whose night out photo was accidentally turned into a viral meme have become so famous that they’ve got their own Netflix show.

One person tweeted: “So you’re telling me them four lads in tight jeans have a Netflix documentary coming out this year…”

“As if the four lads in jeans are getting a Netflix special,” said another.

Another person wrote: “No way are the four lads in jeans getting their own Netflix series.”

So what form will the Netflix series take? Here’s everything we know…

What is ‘Making a Meme’?

The Four Lads revealed that their Netflix special is called Making a Meme, but do we know anything else about it?

Well, unfortunately the Four Lads have been pretty minimal with the details. We know that it’s coming in December 2021, but that’s about it.

Fans are speculating that it’ll be a documentary about how they became a viral meme, but we’ll have to wait for Netflix to release some more details to know for sure.

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